Jawwy Mobile App UX Project

Project Background

STC is the market leader in Saudi Arabia with the best coverage and speed throughout the country. It started with LTE in 2010 and covers around 90% of the population by 2015.

STC has launched “Jawwy from STC” in 2016 with a new customer care model and completely new plans. allowing old customers to keep their current numbers using Jawwy SIM to use the service.

Everything is centered around the Jawwy app that allows to build, share and manage the plan in real time, instead of buying packages. The app offers a simple way for customers to activate services without calling customer support or visiting a store. Their app is available in both iOS and Android versions and in English too.

To start using Jawwy, Users need to buy their SIM card first online to be delivered to Saudi-Arabia and download their app.

Although the current app provides great services, the users find it hard to use and frustrating.
The Challenge is to redesign the app to allow the user to :

  • Sign in with his TouchID
  • Monitor his Usage easily and at a glance
  • Upgrade or downgrade his Plan easily
  • Share his data with friends/family
  • Know the difference between the 2 wallets (User shouldn’t have 2 different functions with the same name)
  • Use his savings and not waste them.
  • Have a personalized experience – build his own plan
  • Manage his devices easily
  • Review Plans and add-ons
  • Chat with Support using the app
  • Access support easily
  • Check his current balance
  • Have access to his plan renewal ( date – amount )
  • Monitor his spending
  • Monitor roaming when he is outside KSA ( roaming )
  • Scan cards
  • See Offers and Promos
  • Know who of his contacts also using the jawwy app
  • Download Jawwy IOS or Andriod

User Experience Design Milestones

1.UX Research and Evaluation
  1. Stakeholder Interviews/Customer and brand briefing.
  2. Requirements Workshops ( Existing product walkthrough – Existing User journeys – Elevator Pitch Exercise )
  3. Remote Usability testing for the current product.
  4. Competitor Benchmarking.
  5. Surveys
  6. Card Sorting
  1. Create Jawwy Task Models and User Journeys that Convey Real User Behavior.
  2. Create Jawwy Customer Experience Maps to Help Visualize the User Experience
  3. Create Persona Profiles
3.Prototyping , Sketching and Testing
  1. Sketching To Generate and Communicate Ideas with the team
  2. Information Architecture ( Designing Navigation – pages, page components, and functional elements –  Search experience – FAQs experience – Help experience )
  3. Card sorting for Information architecture ( to engage and get feedback from Team+ Paul + user )
  4. Wireframing
  5. Hi-fidelity Prototyping
  6. Microinteractions ( Animation )
  7. Testing for microinstructions
4.Style Guides and Design Systems
  1. Create a design system of reusable interface components, to ensure consistency and reflect a coherent and recognizable company voice for any future use.
Project vision
  1. What are the KPIs? How will you, personally, define success for this project?
  2. What worries you about this project? What’s the worst thing that could happen?
  3. What should this project accomplish for the business?
  1. Different types of users?
  2. Who is primary?
  3. Role(s)?
  4. Typical Background?
  5. Defining Attribute?
Value proposition
  1. What problems do users have that this offering solves?
  2. What is the core value prop of the offering?
  3. What are the main marketing messages?
  1. What similar tools are in use today?
  2. Target Market? Value Proposition?
  3. What are their relative strengths/weaknesses?
  4. How is this offering different?
Your customers
  1. Target market(s)?
  2. What role is your team selling to?
  3. What problem do they have that your offering solves?
  4. Who is their competition?
  5. How are they differentiated?
Context of use
  1. What tools do they use today? Where do those tools fit? (collect screenshots, printouts, any relevant articles if possible)
  2. What data points do they collect today? What insight are they able to share with customers today? How do they share it? What does it look like?
  3. What’s missing in the current process that this tool will provide?
  4. Where do you imagine your new (or redesigned) offering will fit?
User goals
  1. What defines success? (if an experience goes well, what happens?)
  2. What are bad results? (If an experience doesn’t go well, what happens?)
  3. If users had a “magic wand” and could wish for anything to make the process better, what would they wish for?

01 Understanding the problem

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