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Jawwy Mobile App UX Case study


Jawwy App , The easiest way to build and customize your plan.

STC is the market leader in Saudi Arabia with the best coverage and speed throughout the country. It started with LTE in 2010 and covers around 90% of the population by 2015.

STC has launched “Jawwy from STC” in 2016 with a new customer care model and completely new plans. allowing old customers to keep their current numbers using Jawwy SIM to use the service.

Understanding the problem


Jawwy App primary goal is to allow the customer to have a personalized experience and increase customer satisfaction by allowing users to customize and build a plan easy and quickly. Jawwy’s customer satisfaction rating is low due to the difficulty and ambiguity of the process of building and customizing the user’s plan. the user should have a clear understanding of his current plan at glance and be able to customize/change it easily. Users find the build my plan process hard to understand and they don’t have adequate onboarding or help tools to let them understand the process or the different plans

Vision statement

The new design of “build my plan process-Pages ” will help users achieve their goal by giving them the ability to Select the plan, understand the different payment methods, Pay for the new plan, and get engaging feedback with greater accuracy and efficiency, and without problems that they currently experience. This will dramatically improve Jawwy’s customer satisfaction ratings and lead to increased market share


Understanding business goals & user needs

Understanding business goals

Research Methods: Kichoff meeting. Pitch elevator exercise, Product walkthrough, Competitive analysis.

Understanding user needs

Research Methods: User interview, Usability testing for existing product




Persona Profile and expectations

The results of the research suggested that there were several types of users with diverse needs. The accumulation of the different insights and common patterns that came from the users’ quotes helped me create three personas which are the manifestation of that data in a character. Two of the personas presented edge cases since they were based on certain needs of some of the participants. Therefore, eventually, I focused on the more common persona.


Task Models and User Journey

Task model and user journey exercises will help us ensure that the Jawwy App matches users expectations of how to build a plan. Usability Problems occur when there is a discrepancy between what the user wants to do and the way the app requires them to do it.


Flowchart / Journey

Mapping the basic flow of the app helped us to figure each step on the path the users will take throughout the journey of building the plan

Key findings and Opportunities

Key Findings


User Expects to see his plan and the expiry date of his plan.

User expects to see a clear CTA that allows him to change the plan.

User likes to have an option to see a detailed view of his usage

User likes to be able to see his balance ( wallet ) and have access to it through the homepage

User likes to be able to see a notification of how he can save money with his current plan

User likes to be able to change the app language easily