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Vehicle appraisal is a crucial process that determines the value of a vehicle. It involves assessing the condition, mileage, and history of the vehicle to determine its worth. This case study outlines the user experience of a Vehicle report website.

Car inspection service is a must. Inspecting a used car before buying it can help you to spot potential problems and determine how reliable a used vehicle is.

Cars are long-term investments, and the more they were cared for, the better of an investment they can be. But, when you’re buying a used one, you cannot truly know how well it was cared for. This makes a pre-purchase inspection key to finding a reliable used vehicle.

  • UX/UI design and UX Strategy
  • Automative
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Statusbrew Reporting is a part of the Social Media Management application, that provides analytics to Social Media Managers for their company’s social profiles, individually and in groups. Given the role of the ux designer, I was responsible for coming up with strategies and further designing reporting web application. The primary goals was to measure the success of user’s or company’s campaign against metrics such as the number of likes, impressions and engagement their post received.

RoleUI / UX Designer
Duration4 months
ToolsSketch, Photoshop
SkillsResearch, Wireframes, Prototype


I was the sole UX designer and researcher working on this product right from scratch by strategizing, conceptualizing, designing and delivering the hand-offs to the developer working for multiple platforms.

My primary responsibilities included defining the product strategy, the vision for the product, wireframing, low fidelity designs to prototyping high fidelity designs,naming conventions for each widget for easy development and collaborating with the product manager, CTO and developer by managing the entire design lifecycle in bringing out the product live.


To come up with new product through which a company can get an all-encompassing view of their social efforts and how their engagement translates into business success. The idea was to enable users to analyze every aspect of their social mediaactivity and track ROI.


The product was meant to reach the users as soon as possible since this was the first version of the product and increasing customers demanding a platform to analyze their social media activity demanded a need for it. Hence, the iterative agile methodology was defined to bring out the product quickly. Each step of the process was very quick and at its best pace contributing to the development of the product.

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The car inspection industry is undergoing a significant transformation, with a shift from 95% manual, paper-based inspections to automated digital inspections. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, car inspections can now be completed in under 10 minutes.

Digital inspections have eliminated the requirement for paper and offer several other advantages. Technicians use electronic tablets to record inspection results, take pictures or videos, and generate printable reports if necessary.

This is where Carantee comes in, providing a smart, dependable, and precise car inspection solution.


What are we trying to achieve?

Create a user friendly Application

Create a user-friendly application for qualified and registered service- and repair companies to easily inspect, photograph, appraise and advertise vehicles.

Clear and efficient workflow.

Streamline the inspection process for mechanics by providing a clear and efficient workflow.

Improve customer satisfaction rates

Improve customer satisfaction rates by providing real-time updates and notifications.
Understanding the Business and the User

Business and User Research

To gain insight into our users' needs and pain points, we conducted the following research:

Stakeholder Interview

Stakeholder Interview

Online survey

Builder of the year

In-person interviews

Years of experience

Competitor analysis

Builder of the year


User Personas

Based on our research, we developed two user personas:

Sarah, a 28-year-old professional who owns a car and values convenience and quick service. She wants to be able to easily schedule an inspection and receive real-time updates on the status of her inspection.
Tom, a 40-year-old inspection personnel with 5 years of experience in the industry. Tom values efficiency and clear communication with customers.

Design, Test, and Iterate

We followed the iterative design process to create the app, which involved multiple rounds of user testing and feedback.


We started with low-fidelity wireframes to quickly test different layouts and features. We used Sketch to create the wireframes.

The team then created a user journey map to visualize the different stages of the inspection process and identify opportunities for improvement. Based on the insights gathered, the team created wireframes of the software, which were tested with mechanics to gather feedback.

The design team focused on creating a simple and intuitive interface that could be used by mechanics of different skill levels. The design included features such as customizable checklists, photo annotations, and repair order cr


We created a mid-fidelity prototype using InVision, which included all the necessary features such as appointment scheduling, inspection status updates, and payment options.


Once the wireframes were created, the team began testing the software with mechanics. The testing phase involved collecting feedback from mechanics about the usability and functionality of the software. The team used a combination of surveys, interviews, and usability testing to gather feedback from mechanics.

Based on the feedback gathered, the team made several changes to the software. These changes included simplifying the interface, improving the checklist customization features, and adding new features such as the ability to take photos and annotate them.

User Testing

We conducted user testing with a group of ten users to gather feedback on the app’s usability and design. We identified several areas for improvement, including clearer navigation, more prominent call-to-action buttons, and the ability to view past inspection reports.


The team used an iterative approach to refine the software based on the feedback received during the testing phase. The team made changes to the software based on the feedback gathered and tested the changes with mechanics to ensure that they addressed the pain points identified during the design phase.

The team continued to iterate on the software until it met the needs of mechanics and provided a simple and intuitive user experience. The final product included features such as a customizable checklist, the ability to take photos and annotate them, and the ability to generate reports and repair orders electronically.


Overall, Carantee, our digitized car inspection app has successfully addressed the pain points of our users and streamlined the inspection process for both customers and mechanics. The app provides real-time updates, clear communication, and a user-friendly interface, which has resulted in increased customer satisfaction rates and improved efficiency for our inspection personnel. The digitized inspection process has also reduced the possibility of human error and increased the accuracy of inspection reports.

Carantee app provides a convenient and efficient solution for mechanics to conduct inspections and generate reports. The customizable checklist, photo annotations, and repair order features make it easy for mechanics to perform inspections and communicate with customers. The app saves time and reduces the hassle of the traditional paper-based inspection process. With the ability to access inspection reports and repair orders electronically, mechanics can streamline their workflow and provide better service to their customers.

15 min

Inspection time minutes


Inspection costs


Fully digital Solution