Complete UX Fundamentals Course

Understand User Experience Design ( UX ) to begin designing web and mobile Apps to keep your users engaged and happy.


Core skills that make up the entire user experience design process. From research and ideation to prototyping and testing. After this course, you will be able to solve design problems using proven skills and methods.

Understand and Plan UX Projects

Understanding the User-Centered Design Process and how to plan to deliver the best user experience within the time and budget available and choose the best technique for every project.

UX Research and Evaluation Tools and Techniques

Planning and Conducting Effective Stakeholder Interviews, Requirements Workshop, Competitor Benchmarking, and Contextual Research.

Ideation Tools and Techniques

Planning and Running Successful Ideation Workshops, Creating Task Models, User Journeys, Personas, Customer Experience Maps to Help Visualize the User Experience.

Designing Usable Information Architecture.

Using Information architecture, Sketching, Wireframes, and Prototypes to Generate, Communicate and Bring Your Ideas to Life.

UX Goals, Metrics, and Targets

Create UX target tables, including identifying measuring instruments and setting target values and to know how UX targets help manage the UX lifecycle process.

UX Methods for Agile Development

Understand a synthesized approach to integrating UX into an agile environment, how to Connect with Software developers, and how to be a smart UX practitioner.

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