About Salient Service

User experience will give you better products

A process that deliberately involves end users as well as one that understands the commercial objectives will always result in a product that works better for its intended purpose.

It will save you money

By involving users within the design process, you learn what doesn’t work when it’s most cost effective to fix it. An amendment to a wireframe or prototype is many times cheaper than a technical fix once a product is launched.

Reduce the risk of failure

A UCD approach helps to ensure that design issues are discovered and fixed in the design phase and not once products have been launched. A digital product may never truly ever be “finished,” but a UCD approach will result in products with a lower risk of failure.

Helps you deliver and meet deadlines and avoid scope creep

By identifying more of the dynamics at play and addressing these challenges earlier in the process, there will be a better chance of avoiding scope creep and delivering to meet your deadline.

Design decisions based on evidence and not opinions

A UCD approach provides in-depth analysis and research that uncovers opportunities to differentiate products to gain competitive advantages. A UCD approach provides a solid and robust research-led approach to design. Design decisions, after all, should be based on evidence and not opinions.

Make More money . Products that are easy to use make more money

Often this is the primary commercial reason behind adopting a UCD approach. The reality of many UCD projects is that despite being “usercentered,” the focus is really on designing something that primarily achieves a commercial objective. The UCD process provides the rigor that ensures the commercial objectives are met while still providing the best user experience—so everyone wins.

User led projects can get products to market more quickly

Projects that take a pure UCD approach let the customers decide which route to follow. This can circumvent time-consuming clientside decision-making processes and politics. When you reach a point of conflicting views that stalls a project, the involvement of
users can be a great way to help to make decisions and get the project moving again

Ensures creating an easy to use product , which is a common customer requirement

In our user research, we often hear customers using terms such as “usability” and even “user experience” when describing what qualities they seek from products. This is often a result of products being advertised as being easy to use and as such it’s a selling point that customers are seeking products that they buy.